Sunday, January 15, 2012

Download G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.1 Update

Kemarin - kemarin saya sudah share tentang G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 0.6.0, dan kali ini saya akan share dari kelanjutan patch tersebut yaitu G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.0 AIO (All in One) dan juga Season 1.1.

Screenshot :

Pada G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.0 ada beberapa fitur sebagai berikut :

Standalone patch, will not make any conflict with any patch that already been installed
Have own PES2012.exe, Kitserver folder & Save folder
Launcher for G1 Supreme League (G1SL) 2012
Add Indonesia, Malaysia & India National Team (Replace New Zealand, Jordania & Syria)
Indonesia, Malaysia & India are playable nationality in Football Life mode
Indonesia's Anthem
Update timnas squad (selection squad)
Update timnas face 98%
Update team ISL & IPL
Update Launcher
New scene video intro (bumper)
New scene video head menu
Indonesian sponsors in Football Life mode
Fix fake League & Team names
Fix fake team kits
Remove fake Player in National Teams
Add Indonesia Premier League teams in PES League
Include DLC 1.0 & 1.03 exe
Replace WEPES boots with licensed boots (Adidas, Nike & Reebok)

Syarat menginstall G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.0 :
- Sobat harus sudah instal PES 2012
- Jika sudah pernah menginstal G1SL patch PES 2012 Season 0.6.0, hapus folder G1server dan launcher G1SL2012.exe.

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) :

Fitur G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.1 Update :
- Fix OF compability with DLC 2.00
- Fix some player bugs
- Fix Gururupa Bootspacks (in launcher) to be compability with new DLC
- Update Indonesian League (ISL) Logos, Kit, Face and Player Callnames
- Add 12 Indonesia Stadium

Syarat install G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.1 Update :
-  Sobat harus udah install Season 1.0
-  Re-Apply Option File Setting in launcher (Select OF Indonesia or OF Europe again)
-  Re-apply Gururupa Bootspacks in Launcher

DOWNLOAD (Mediafire) :
Download G1SL Patch PES 2012 Season 1.1 Update

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